Sunday, 11 June 2017

Weekend in Lower Heyford

The moorings at Lower Heyford is conveniently placed right alongside the station.
However we chose to stay just north for the weekend in a lovely secluded spot with just one other boat there and no restriction on length of stay,

Saturday was a little bit of a domestic day for me, I had ambition to do some cleaning of our blinds, unfortunately by the time I had had a thorough damp dust and sweep through, the ambition had faded somewhat and they will have to wait for another day.

Sunday was Family Service in the local church where everyone was very friendly and they even served ground coffee afterwards which pleased Geoff.  We were very envious of the area at the back of their church where they had removed 8 pews and now had not only a very sociable area but also a kitchen and toilet.   It was all very tastefully done without detracting from the rest of the church where the pews remained.

Lunch at the Bell Inn followed, which was extremely food value.  Starter and roast for £9.95.

Of course we had to up the ante by being greedy and having a dessert as well.

We would have moved closer to the station later but since we had a good TV picture we didn`t want to risk losing it as Poldark was restarting!

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