Thursday, 15 June 2017

and a bit further south

Not a sight we see often this far from the sea!!
Not an early start this morning as we had to wait for the shop to open at 9.  We needed the Elsan point and a new gas cylinder.

Emma, Barney and I walked to the first lock by which time it was getting a bit too hot for me.....musn`t complain about the sun!

The loose plan was to moor below Bakers Lock but who should we discover moored at the top of the lock??

Note Boots and Barney studiously ignoring one another.
At Enslow there are no facilities for visitors to moor.  After the pub there is a long line of visitors moorings and not a single space for visitors.

There was just room for us to moor in front of Bones so we decided to remain........after supper she came aboard for the odd glass of wine...or two.....a great evening with much chat.

Total distance:5.24 miles 
Elapsed time:2h27m40s
Average speed:2.06 mph (3.16 lock/mph) 

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