Monday, 12 June 2017

Day out in Oxford

An early start today to move closer to the station as the plan was to meet Emma and do some grocery shopping.

I caught the 9.45am into Oxford and Emma came up from Clapham Junction.

We had a lovely gentle day walking all along the river and round Christchurch meadows and having a leisurely lunch at the Head of the River pub.

We nearly met up with Maffi.  We saw his boat the Milly M across the river as we were walking on the other side.  No sign of anyone on board, but later had a message to say he thought he had seen us somewhere in Oxford....not sure where.

After a good lunch we hit Sainsburys to stock up on fruit and veg etc.    There is a small shop in the boatyard at Heyford, but not much fresh produce.  It was a slower walk back to the station as we were laden down with a rucksack of shopping and the dreaded wheelie!!  Still Geoff was at the station to meet us as we were wilting a bit by then.

Later I had another moan about the smell of gas which as usual fell on deaf ears as far as Geoff was concerned, but Emma added a little weight to my plea and a couple who had stopped to chat also confirmed they could smell it.  So decision taken I called the Gas engineer whose details we had been given.   We are promised a visit tomorrow, Tuesday after he has finished a job in Banbury.

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