Thursday, 27 August 2015

Yet more rain!!

Monday & Tuesday were days to batten down the hatches, read books, do crosswords, and occasionally take it in turns to take Barney out with the occasional domestic chore thrown in for me just in case I became too complacent.  The ironing and cleaning a couple of the blinds were successfully accomplished.    Luckily with the Farm Community shop now open in Frampton we could at least brave the weather and get a paper etc.
Wednesday was forecast to be an improvement so we set off when we though the worst of the rain had gone through.  We used the sani station and went up to Sainsburys in Gloucester to do a stock up.
Luckily their trolleys are not the sort that wont go past a certain point so I was able to get right up to Petroc.  However I had to call for Geoff''s assistance on the last leg as the trolleys don't steer very well on rough needs one at the front and one at the rear when loaded!!

We then turned round to find a suitable mooring for the night.  We had arranged to call in at A&D Marine Services by Hemstead Bridge.  Our shower has developed a hot water.....which I am not keen to live with.   It doesn't seem to bother Geoff as much...
At first it was thought that it was a minor problem but further investigation indicated that the thermostat had gone.  Peter at the boatyard was extremely helpful and they would have been willing to fit the new one but that means us hanging around until the spare part arrives and it is bank holiday weekend........twas ever thus.
So I am resigned to luke warm or even cold showers until for at least two weeks.  !!!
We had thought we might have a visit from Boe during the next couple of weeks but the thought of no hot showers is likely to deter her.

Moored adjacent to Sims bridge behind a pretty sailing yacht..
a sight not often seen on the canals.
Today, Thursday we took the bus into Gloucester.  The number 12 goes from the main road which is just a 5 minute walk up from Sims bridge.   After visiting the town we walked down to Gloucester Quays.  This has been much more developed since our last visit 6 years ago.....unless it is just our memory.   All we remembered then were the various outlet stores but now there are lots of cafes etc and it was all hustle and bustle, really very pleasant.

Gloucester Cathedral
No pictures of the interior as we were cheapskates and didn't want to pay an extra £3 for a camera licence!  The inside is fairly spectacular.  The columns are some of the thickest we have seen and the ceilings are some of the highest we have seen.  Sadly we just missed the mid day Holy Communion in one of the side chapels.  It started at 12.30 and we arrived just 5 minutes later.

Tomorrow we are contemplating a bus trip to Stroud as we don't think we have ever been there.

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