Thursday, 6 August 2015

A busy day in Tewkesbury

Our Pearsons Guide Book tells us how sad it is that access to Deerhurst village and it's Anglo Saxon churches are not accessible from the river.   This is not true...if you moor in Tewkesbury and are prepared for a 6 mile+ round trip along the Severn Way.    This was Geoff' and Barneys morning walk which he said was well worth while.  (Too far for me)
There is very little in the village apart from some houses and these two exceedingly old churches
The larger church that is still used as a Parish Church is St Marys and the smaller is Odda's Chapel
For years Odda's chapel was used as a farmers barn and St Marys was once a monastery.  The link above tells more.  St Mary's is regarded as one of the most complete Anglo Saxon churches in the country

Odda's Chapel
inside Odda's chapel
St Mary's Church
Inside St Mary's Church
9th Century Font
meanwhile back at the ranch...........................................

I visited the Abbey.   This is not only a fantastic building but it has such a wonderful aura within it.  It reeks of tender loving care and is so bright and alive.

One of the several side chapels

Looking towards Tewkesbury with moorings on the right
followed by the entrance to the lock

In the afternoon whilst Geoff & Barney were siestering after their morning exertions I managed to get my hair cut.   This is always a hit and miss affair whilst we are away.  This time I went on the recommendation of a friend of Gill Smith!!  So far it seems like a good recommendation.

Later whilst Geoff took Barney for his tea time perambulation (he is a glutton for punishment today) he witnessed one of those wonderful happenings on a narrow boat that make you so glad it is someone else in trouble.   It involved a hire boat and a lady being left on the boat whilst husband was on the shore whilst she drifted across the river, rope over the side, chewed up by the propeller........etc.  Geoff said harsh words were spoken and they were last seen going down the lock, goodness knows where they would end up tonight...Geoff though the divorce court was likely!

Geoff did not escape unscathed from his walk this morning....I gather there was a field full of hundreds of cows( could that be an exaggeration?) and in trying to skirt the field he came into contact with some barbed wire.

he had to tend to it himself as I do react well to blood.
 I did however see to the trousers which were splattered in the stuff!

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