Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Cold ride to Tewkesbury

A grey start to the day but the bonus was that the wind was not blowing
The previous two days wind was strong enough to almost produce white horses on the river!
It is August for goodness sake!
It was not a particularly early start (8.30am) but there was very little traffic on the river.

More traffic on the M50 though
However as we neared the entrance to Tewkesbury there was a little flurry of activity
3 boats all at once, one out of Tewkesbury and 2 from the Gloucester direction
Notice the clouds are still lowering
and they wend their way up river under Mythe Bridge
We had called ahead to the lockeeper who said the lock was set in our direction and there was plenty of room to moor.   In fact when we rose up the lock we had our choice of several places.  We chose to go to the right of the lock as there is a nice big patch of green for Barney.  It would also have been nice for me to sit out on if the weather was half way decent!  The downside we discovered was that he was not at all keen on the narrow metal walkway that he has to negotiate to reach the grass!!  He is a bit of a wimp!  
Geoff then took him for a good walk all around the Severn Ham.   His reward for being confined to Petroc for the river run.   This is a field walk along the banks of both the Severn and the Avon

Later after his tea I decided to do the same walk and discovered I had bitten off more than I was a bit further all the way around than I had nearly finished me off at the end of the day.   

Total distance:6.50 miles 
Elapsed time:1h49m42s
Average speed:3.56 mph (4.10 lock/mph)

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