Monday, 3 August 2015

Upton upon Severn

We left Worcester not knowing if our destination would be Upton or Tewkesbury.  There is not a lot of mooring space at Upton and it is very popular.  Luck was on our side as there seemed to be one space albeit on the inside of the pontoon and I had gone past before we realised that was the only hope.  Trying to reverse back upstream to make the approach, which had to be downstream just to make life a bit more difficult was not easy, and since we spied another boat approaching looking for a mooring, time was of the essence!!!    However it was achieved!!

Barney spent most of the 2 hour trip sulking at the back, despite the fact that he had had a good walk before we left.
There are long stretches with nothing much to see except the green hedges
and then the occasional little enclave
These pontoons have seen better days
This has to be the ugliest house extension we have seen!
If one wanted to eat out there are about 6 or 7 pubs all close to the boat, however we are trying to stick to our 5/2 diet and today is one of our 2 light eating days.   I say 'trying to' as Geoff's heart does not seem to be established in it very well!!

Total distance:9.59 miles 
Elapsed time:2h14m28s 
Locks:1 (a very Big one)
Average speed:4.52 mph (5.00 lock/mph) (Wow.....)

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