Sunday, 23 August 2015

Still loitering near Saul

a delightful mooring with a good view of the Severn Estuary again
and on the opposite bank Frampton on Severn Church
bell ringing practice Thursday evening which was lovely
Sadly Thursday was not sitting out weather.   Friday morning we moved back up to Saul hoping to moor just before the first bridge to make it easy for our visitors, however there was no space.   Luckily I had walked on ahead and reported back to Geoffrey this sad fact  (he had kept his phone not only handy but ON ...a rare occurrence)   As it happened he was just passing another good spot a bit further back and a boat was just pulling out...our luck was in and so we pulled in and realised we were behind Archie again.   Almost twin boats together.  A much better spot for us although a little further for our visitors to walk to.
Maggie & Wally arrived late lunchtime and we repaired to the Stables Cafe where we had a good lunch.  A catching up afternoon and they left us early evening for the drive back to Wales.
Saturday dawned a much brighter day so it was out with my chair & table and book.   However by mid morning I was driven inside again by the hot there no happy medium??
Fran & Keith arrived mid afternoon so more catching up to do before repairing to the Bell Inn at Frampton for supper.
They were staying in Gloucester for the night (babysitting their grand daughter whilst son, daughter-in-law & grandson were singing in the choir) and offered to collect us in the morning to go to the service in Gloucester Cathedral.  It was tempting but the forecast was for a lot of rain and it meant leaving Barnaby for a bit longer than we usually did so reluctantly we declined their kind offer.
The forecast rain duly arrived and so it was a day for battening down the hatches and TV & papers etc.......
Weather permitting the plan for tomorrow is to tootle up to Gloucester and stock up at Sainsburys for the forthcoming week.   However we are not so badly off in this area now as yesterday the new Community Shop in Frampton opened and although prices are obviously higher than the supermarkets they do have a good range and most importantly fresh fruit & vegetables.    There had been nowhere south of Gloucester that we could stock up on fresh produce.

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