Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Layover in Upton

Since we had been lucky enough to find a space here it seemed necessary
 to take advantage of the 48 hours
We do wonder who polices it and how the £25 would be collected!
This is quite a bizarre notice as the tap in question is right up the top above the pontoons.
We certainly don't have a hose pipe long enough to reach and you cannot use one anyway.
Even if you could it doesn't fit on the end!
This is an interesting  and rather old fashioned small town.   A very pleasant waterfront with a plethora of pubs.   In fact the whole town had a large number of eating places, some very strange and quaint shops although not really very upmarket which we had expected.  Beyond the pubs is the Upton Ham which is a large field area, great for dog walking.  A small Co-op and Spar for Groceries.

The wind is still blowing strongly today so quite glad we are staying over.   We are nicely tucked up on the inside of the pontoons, but it would be fun reversing out in this wind!

After a gentle day exploring what Upton had to offer Geoff & Gill (Smith in this case!) came to supper on board.  We had a good time catching up & generally putting the world to rights.

The Pepper Pot on of the major landmarks at Upton
The tower of St Peter & St Paul Upton
Above the nave altar is the Corona
It is made up of a circle of eight winged 'Spirit Figures'
All those buildings along the front are pubs with one exception...and that is a tapas bar!

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