Monday, 17 August 2015

shortest trip of the year

Frampton on Severn parish Church
Not a breath of wind
We left Saul with no particular plans other than towards Sharpness.   However after half an hour and just over a mile we spied the ideal mooring.   Out in the open and wonderful views across a field of cows to the Severn Estuary.  The sun was shining so once moored up it was out on the tow path with my chair, book etc.  Since there was plenty of space we positioned ourselves a reasonable distance from the only other boat moored along the stretch.   We had to choose our spot with care as it was a rough mooring and we needed to pick a spot where we could safely get ashore, especially Barney.
I had only been settled a few minutes when a man from the boat a bit further down came to say he was very sorry but he had some angle grinding to do.  He had tried to put himself where there were no other boats because of the noise and along we came!!
I told him not to worry we would live with it.   In the event it was not too bad, he didn't start until much later and I took myself off for a long walk with Barney for part of the time.

Frampron church 
Frampton is a much bigger village that I had imagined and has the longest village green in the country reputedly.    There are a lot of lovely cottages and houses, 2 pubs and a hairdresser.   Until this weekend there was no shop, the village shop shown in our guide book having closed.
However they have now opened a cafe and community shop.   Provisions looked a bit basic, but coffee shop part looked nice.  So I have ordered a paper for tomorrow and we shall walk up for coffee...they have home made cakes as well.....

Total distance:1.27 miles 
Elapsed time:0h32m10s
Average speed:2.37 mph (2.37 lock/mph) 

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