Friday, 7 August 2015

Big Locks to Gloucester

Moored at Tewkesbury was a boat with more flowers than enough!
We had decided on a reasonably early start to use the water point before anyone else, but we were beaten to it.    Not only that but they appeared to have gone off and left the boat!!  So we about turned and went alongside them.   Whereupon they came back and said they were just leaving.  No problem I just backed off a little and let them slide out.  
Afterwards we took a short trip up the Avon to Tewkesbury marina to refuel.   70p a litre and declare your own split.

Lots of shiny boats in this area.
The marina is well kept and spotlessly clean and looks to be very pleasant place to keep ones a price.   Overnight moorings are £15.

Back down to Tewkesbury and the low arch bridge
We bade farewell to the lock keeper and said we would be returning in a couple of weeks

Soon after turning onto the Severn we reached Upper Lode lock.  The Avon lock keeper had told us hat we would meet a small boat who was just in Upper Lode lock and sure enough we passed him just before the lock.  We thought this would mean that the lock was in our favour but no such luck. The light was on red and the gates firmly shut.  We had nearly 1/2 hour to wait and eventually the gates opened and one cruiser appeared.  We could not believe that the lock keeper had not waited.  He must have been told by the Avon lock keeper.

When we entered the lock we could see why it had taken so long as the lock is vast

A bit further on we could see the tower of St Mary;s church which Geoff had visited yesterday.
The sun was shining today and it could even have been said to be warm.....I wonder how long it will last.  It made for a pleasant run down the river, although not a lot to see/

Eventually we reached Gloucester Lock which was ready and waiting for us as we had phoned ahead as recommended.

Another big one.  Quite a fierce water flow too. 
At one stage I lost my aft line and had to manoeuvre myself back to catch it!

Once up into the docks we had to wait for them to open the lifting bridge and then we looked for a mooring by Sainsburys.   Last time we were here they had almost completed the building of it and we were looking forward to mooring alongside and doing our shopping.  However by the time we reached there we were somewhat tired and also there was very little room.   We managed to squeeze in just beyond the Sainsbury moorings which turned out to be a good thing as there is no time limit on these.  Outside Sainsbury it is 4 hours.  Mind you there is not much room for more than 2 boats.  they may have spent a large amount on the building of the shop but they didn't expend very much on the moorings.

Still after a a late lunch as a bit of a rest we did manage a biggish shop.

Total distance:14.18 miles 
Elapsed time:4h43m50s 
Average speed:3.00 mph (3.84 lock/mph) 

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