Thursday, 20 August 2015

The day the rains came

Wednesday was what one might call a washout!!  However we were so lucky as the rain did not reach us until mid morning.  In fact when I awake there was bright sunshine but the clouds looked ominous.  We decided to depart our excellent mooring and head back to Sharpness.  A pleasant trip and plenty of mooring at the end and we were all tucked up nice and snugly as the first drop of rain arrived.  Oh boy did it rain....there was a brief lull mid afternoon but then it came back as heavy as ever.

The forecast for today was not brilliant but we decided to set off after Barney and I had walked to the funny little shop in the dock area.   We wanted to position ourselves closer to Saul as we were expecting visitors on Friday and Saturday.

Looking inland up the Severn estuary at low tide as we went for our walk
and in the other direction the outline of the Severn bridges.
We turned at the end.  Under that bridge is where we would presumably go
 if we were brave enough to tackle the estuary trip down to Bristol
The marina at Sharpness
We stopped briefly at Purton to fill up with water and I took the opportunity to walk up to see the little church there.

A tiny church but very peaceful
The stay was not as brief as we had intended as it must have been the slowest filler we have come across!!
All of the bridges seem to have the old bridge keepers cottages in this same style.
The rain held off luckily, although as we were nearing where we wanted to moor the clouds behind looked very threatening.   We were back close to our previous lovely mooring, just a little farther back, the view of the Severn still good but a lovely stretch of mown grass this time.  Sadly today there was to be no sitting on the shore.  This time the rain was not as heavy and relentless but still indoor weather.

Thursdays trip
Total distance:5.73 miles 
Elapsed time:2h35m23s
Average speed:2.21 mph (2.21 lock/mph)

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