Saturday, 29 August 2015

Still lingering at Saul

Friday evening's sky which heralded a lovely day on Saturday
Our planned bus trip to Stroud proved to be not possible.   Geoff reconnoitred the bus stop and discovered it was further away than he thought and it was decided that by the time I had walked that I would not have the energy to walk around Stroud!!!   Also the bus trip was about 50 minutes and we either had to take Barney or not have too long a day.......  so all things considered it was not to be......

The weekend had a planned rowing regatta up as far as Sims Bridge and movement would be severely restricted so we set off towards Saul.   A dry bright, albeit windy, trip of 5 miles, needless to say wind on the nose.........just like our sailing days!!!

This time we decided to moor about half a mile short of the junction as it was a lovely open mooring.  Too chilly in the wind to sit out on Friday but Saturday was a different matter,  a lovely lazy day for me with much sitting out, reading etc.  First we walked up to the junction to avail ourselves of the showers and breakfast at the Stables cafe.......this is getting to be a habit...third week on the trot.

This notice in the car parks at Saul is ambiguous
You can have 72 hours for £10 but you cannot stay overnight!!!  (See para 5 )
Geoff and Barney then went on a long walk whilst all I did was sit and read with a few domestic jobs thrown in.......sweeping out the boat.....two loads of washing......does it never end......

Saturday nights sky...what does this herald???
This morning we had a long chat with one of the the lock keepers at Saul.   Amongst other things he said that he expected it to be very busy at the junction over this Bank Holiday weekend but this has not been borne out by the number of boats going past us.   Geoff's walk took him past the Ship Inn (and a pint) at Framilode at 12.30 and he was the only person in the pub!  

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Mrs Greenfly said...

Good to read, you two, but goodness knows how it's suddenly appeared on my Facebook! We too have been suffering from a surfeit of rain here in Hampshire. Will it ever stop!