Thursday, 13 August 2015

To move or not to move.........

The forecast for today was dire but this was last nights sky
Sue and her sister Carol were planning to come with us for the trip to Saul so we were all watching the weather forecasts with intent.  With what they were saying, if we had not wanted to be in Saul for Emma & Dave's arrival tomorrow, we would have stayed put and sat out the foul weather.
However although dull and a bit breezy this morning there was no sign of the forecast rain or thunderstorms.   An executive decision was therefore taken to make a run for it and if we were beset by anything nasty there are lots of places to pull in and sit it out.  A phone call to Sue & Carol and they were with us by 9am.

we left behind another Cornish Boat which positively dwarfed Petroc
Flowers galore....and I am not allowed any on Petroc!!

Sue sampling the delights of narrowboating....
she thought she could quite take to it.
We went through the bridge to use the facilities but then turned back through as we had spied a congenial looking mooring space ......
....behind our old friend Archie
Actually not 'old' friends as she has new owners Chrissie & Mark.   Like us they are pottering up and down this canal for a while.  
Lunch on board, helped by the provisions Sue & Carol had brought including fresh salad ingredients from Carol's garden, and then farewell to our visitors.   Great to have a catch up with old friends whom one has not seen for a long time.

Contrary to the forecast we had not had a single drop of rain!!   Although looking at the TV later we saw that a lot of other places had not been so fortunate.

Total distance:7.35 miles 
Elapsed time:2h32m53s 
Average speed:2.88 mph (2.88 lock/mph)

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