Sunday, 16 August 2015

Family weekend

We were nicely positioned for our weekend visitors, Emma & Dave.   Friday dawned wet and miserable.  Even Barney was not inclined to walk far.
Emma & Dave had planned an early departure from London but Dave became snowed under with work and they ended up leaving London in the late afternoon rush hour.   However since it rained with us one and off all day they did not miss anything spectacular.
We ended up having a much later supper than our normal, but good fun all the same.......this of course led to much later night than we are used to!
Saturday we cruised back up towards Gloucester to shop at Sainsburys.  Our plan for next week is to go back slowly towards Sharpness and provisions are not easy to come by at that end of the canal.
We then retraced our steps a little way to where we had seen some very congenial moorings.   Unfortunately they turned out to be Long Term Moorings.  The visitors mooring didn't look nearly as nice, and there were hardly any boats on the long term, and no boat names or paraphernalia on the shore so we took a chance and moored.   No one disturbed us and we had a lovely evening....a Pimms evening!
Some people were lying where they are not allowed......Pimms influence
The next morning as we were having breakfast there was a knock on the side of the boat!...It was the bridge keeper from the adjacent bridge asking if we knew we were on long term moorings.   However he was very affable about it and said just move on when we were ready.    He also said that the boats were not there very often.  Pity we shall not be able to moor there on our way back up to Gloucester......can't be caught twice.

So back to Saul to use the sani station...they have showers and loos which are very useful when we have extra people on board.   There was space on the mooring we had left yesterday.

We then walked down to Framilode and had a good Sunday Lunch and after a bit of relaxing on our return Emma & Dave left for the drive back to London.......not to be envied.
Please don't let me up to a comfortable seat.
Sundays trip

Total distance:4.14 miles 
Elapsed time:1h22m51s
Average speed:3.00 mph (3.00 lock/mph)

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