Monday, 10 August 2015

Not as far as planned

The day was beautiful as I took Barney for his early morning perambulation, but the clouds on the horizon indicated that the weather forecast could be right.  There was talk of torrential downpours in the South West, although the front should have weakened by the time it reached us.

We decided to wait a while and let the front go through.  Things looked more promising soon after 11 so we set off.   Barney and I managed to get about an hours walk along the Severn Way before hitching a lift on Petroc as the first further drops of rain started.   We had been walking at a pretty spanking pace to try and keep up with is not quite the same as when we walk on other narrower canals.

No sooner were we on board than it turned really miserable.
Heavy drizzle and a wind
So soon after passing through Cambridge Arms Swing Bridge we decided to call it a day.   Needless to say once we were securely tied up and had the pram hood up and were nicely cosy below the rain stopped.   But by then it was close on lunch time and we could be bothered to move.   So a quick phone call to Sue Fletcher whom we were hoping to catch up with when we reached Sharpness was made.   The revised plan was to make it to the end by tomorrow coffee time.

The best laid plans of mice & men!

Total distance:3.13 miles  
Elapsed time:1h5m36s 
Average speed:2.86 mph (2.86 lock/mph) 

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