Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Lazy Day on a beautiful mooring

Last night sky with it's red tinge gave, as promised, a lovely day
Looking out from our mooring over the Severn Estuary
I took the walk with Barney this morning to find the funny little shop in the dock area.   I cannot believe it makes a profit.   A few basics for sale but nothing fresh.  However surprisingly they sell newspapers and even more surprisingly they had Daily Telegraphs and even accepted out tokens for it.
Under that bridge is where we would presumably go if we were going to do the trip down the estuary to Bristol
However that was never the plan!
We had another surprise visitor this morning.  Jim Parker who used to work with Geoff back in the mid seventies knocked on the window.  He lives in Bristol and had discovered my blog.  He took the car so far and then cycled down to see us.   A morning of reminiscing followed.

Our plan is to go back to Saul tomorrow as we are expecting Emma and Dave on Friday for the weekend.  Sue and her sister Carol are planning to join us for the trip.  However there could be a big fly in the ointment.   The forecast for tomorrow and Friday is dire....thunderstorms and heavy rain.  
We had already decided that the worst scenario was that we would have a wet 2 hour trip but another boatie has just come past and told us that a severe weather warning has been issued,  Apparently when this happens they can close the canal because some of the bridges are difficult to open and that would not be welcome news.   It is only a problem because of wanting to be back at Saul for Emma and Dave.  Other than that we would just sit it out here...once again the best laid plans of mice and men.

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