Sunday, 22 June 2014

Weekend in Slaithwaite

Since the buses seem to be very good in this part of the world I decided to have my urban day in Huddersfield.  There are two different bus routes to choose from from Slaithwaite....spoilt for choice.....
I needed a new TV USB stick for my computer and a few other things.

I was pleasantly surprised by the bus station in Huddersfield.  It was vast with buses seemingly going to all points of the globe, spotlessly clean toilets and helpful customer services.   What a contrast to the last bus station I was in which was Plymouth.......grotty being the operative word.

Objectives were all achieved and an additional one made as I finally upgraded my phone when I found an extremely pleasant and patient man in the EE shop.

In addition Geoffrey had been busy in my absence and painted the gunnels down one side of Petroc.  he has never done it before, it has always been my job.  However he has made such a good job of it that I have suggested that he does the other side when we are moored somewhere convenient!

That is two maintenance jobs on Petroc recently, I am in danger of being impressed......

Part of the narrow canal through the village.  The restoration of this canal is a tremendous feat as parts of it were completely filled in.
The turning place and watering hole
Is there such a thing???
This was the pub we tried for Sunday lunch.  They only cook on Sundays apparently and just a roast.  We had a choice of  lamb, beef pork or chicken.  It was home cooked and excellent for £6.95
Hand Made bakery  where we bought some delicious bread.
Another section of where the canal has been reclaimed.

St James Church
A huge Georgian church with all the wood, including the ceiling, matching and highly polished
Early morning looking at the moorings.
On Friday night we were the only boat moored, but by Saturday there were 6 of us.   Four of these were going up and had bookings for Sunday to get through Lock 24E which CRT were operating before it was closing for 2 weeks on Monday for repairs.

We had been warned about this BUT although I am signed up for stoppage notices I had never seen one about this.

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