Thursday, 19 June 2014

and now we are in Yorkshire

I gather the boundary between Lancashire & Yorkshire is about half way through the I don't suppose Geoff noticed the transition as he was concentrating so hard.

Since yesterday ended up being the hottest day we have had so far this year......a little too hot for me.....we decided on a very early start this morning.  So we were off by 0720.   Needless to say yesterdays temperatures were not repeated!

Coming out of the first lock of the day we had our first and unbelievably our last problem of the day.  Just the slight technicality that we could fit under the pipe bridge at the exit of the lock.    Geoff had to go ahead and fill the next lock to lower the pound a bit.
Waiting patiently

The start of this section is just so pretty.

Geoff hard at work......some of the paddles are too stiff for me, I don't know how some ladies manage.
Amazingly we had no trouble in any of the pounds with depth although I was being very careful to keep to the middle.  After our 10th lock we suddenly emerged into the open by Sparth Reservoir

Sparth Reservoir
It would have been good to moor here but there was nothing suitable......however one more lock and we did indeed find a lovely open view just above lock 31.

It was a good run down today and no further problems after the exit to lock 42

3 boats went up and 1 down past us today.....such traffic....

Geoff and Barney walked into Slaithwaithe (2 miles each way so good for the figure) and pronounced it a good spot for us to spend the weekend.

Total distance:1.15 miles
Elapsed time:
Average speed:0.34 mph (3.56 lock/mph)   (Gosh that's fast)

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