Monday, 16 June 2014

T day -2

Another rest day today.   We had considered moving up 2 locks to Dobcross but I took a walk there mid morning and there was very little room, so have decided on an early start tomorrow to go all the way up to Diggle.    The mooring here is fine, except a bit gloomy as we are hemmed in by trees.   The town (Village??)
is handy and we walked back to Tescos for a few things, it was not as far back as we had thought.

We thought we were going to have another malfunction this evening as our toilet refused to behave....but once again (that's twice in 2 days) DIY expert Geoff solved the problem.   Mind you he doesn't have a clue how, he just took the vacuu cassette off and on a few times and had a good poke around all the workings and all of a sudden it decided to work again.........we are keeping our fingers crossed.......or it will be more than our fingers we have to keep crossed!

So the last bit of the climb tomorrow to the tunnel entrance.

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