Friday, 6 June 2014

Back to Bugsworth Basin

Later yesterday the weather was good enough for all the canoeists to appear
Evening on our that a glimmer of ,red sky at night' 

Must have been as it was one of those beautiful mornings on the canal....
Early morning Visitor
We set off just before 8 with Barney and I walking as far as High Lanes, where we nipped up to the local store for the paper
Interesting back gardens again

Passing Goyt Mill as we approach Marple junction.

We stopped at the sani station where the water tap must have been the slowest ever.......we gave up in the end before the tank was full....
Geoff on the bows looking for traffic as we approach the blind junction.

We passed this sorry sight soon afterwards.  The trees were thick and overhanging on the opposite side so passing was done very gingerly

Geoff opening one of the 4 swing bridges on this section.    At the other 3 we were very lucky and were let through by another boat.
The scenery along this part has to be some of the best anywhere.
But much better seen in sunshine
Now this is a sign I would have to take issue with!....................
........Looking at the state of some of the pontoons!

Far reaching views
and closer to home

Geoff and Barney walked from the last swing bridge and we didn't bother to stop to shop at Tescos (I walked back the 1/2 mile later on)
Plenty of room up in the basin so settled ourselves in to await the rain the forecasters are promising us for the morrow.

Later we walked to the Navigation Inn for a pre dinner pint (1/2 cider for me!) and to book for Sunday Lunch

Total distance:10.16 miles  (gosh...a long way for us)
Elapsed time:5h27m18s  (including time at sani station with slow tap....)
Average speed:1.86 mph (1.86 lock/mph) 


Adam said...

I gather that Pridewater have just taken over the lease to those moorings, after the last lot went bust or disappeared. I understand they're planning to make some much needed improvements; their other marinas seem quite nice.

Gillian Lovegrove said...

perhaps it will improve then and live up to the sign!