Thursday, 5 June 2014

Higher Poynton

Well today was supposed to be a better day....or so the weather people said!
We awoke to pouring rain again so an early departure was delayed, but by 9.30 it seemed to have improved a bit so we set off, vaguely aiming for Marple or just beyond.

Mooring at Bollington
Clarence Mill
However the cold and the general dismal air defeated us and when we saw there was space at Higher Poynton in the wide stretch of canal before bridge 14 we decided to call it quits for the day.  Such a shame as we are in beautiful countryside but cannot appreciate it properly in this dank weather....we will try again tomorrow.

Behind us we could see White 'Nancy' another hill Geoff climbed on our last trip this way.

I spied a strange contraption in the distance

Well that's a lot of solar panels......good clothes line as well!
There are no visitor's moorings marked here as such but lots of space just before bridge 14.  When we have been through here previously it has always been full of boats.

The moorings after the bridge are permanent, although there seemed to be plenty of spaces with no boat names alongside.   It is also the home of Braidbar Boats.

Total distance:4.13 miles 
Elapsed time1hr 35 min

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