Sunday, 1 June 2014

A bright Sunny day!!

Wow!  We awoke this morning to blue skies no wind, no rain and the canal was as flat as a mill pond.

Geoff and I took off for church leaving a sleeping Boe behind.......we knew the service in St Peters Congleton was a special service with a visiting couple from the Church Missionary Society.   They turned out to be a doctor and his wife who have been in Rwanda for over 12 years.  A lovely couple and a thought provoking talk for the sermon..........but we ended up with a service lasting nearly 2 hours in extremely uncomfortable boxed pews!!

Leaving Congleton basin
and over the little aqueduct
After Geoff had done a little bit of shopping we moved off with the intention of reaching the bottom of Boseley Locks

Pretty turn around bridges
Lovely quiet countryside along this stretch and we managed to find a great mooring in the open not far from the bottom of the locks.  It was a little shallow but we managed to get the bows in so we settled for that.

We are opposite the hill called the Cloud which Geoff climbed in the rain 2 years ago,
Soon after our arrival Boe decided to have her exercise for the day and went for a run taking Barnaby with her......he must have wondered what was going on as no-one normally runs with him.

A later occupation!!
Total distance:4.05 miles 
Elapsed time:2h38m42s
Average speed:1.53 mph (1.53 lock/mph)

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