Sunday, 29 June 2014

Sunday in Huddersfield...a day of contrasts

Yesterday we succumbed to the 'All you can eat' breakfast in the ASPLEY INN just along from the boat and today we tried their Sunday Roast........both very acceptable.

We always try to find two things for our stopping place on a Sunday.....a church and a pub.....
Today was a day of contrast as far as the church was concerned.   Geoff went to the local church of St Peter inn the town for Holy Communion at 8am.

John from the Marina here in the basin had visited us on the boat to invite us to his church on Sunday and since we are always open to new ventures we accepted.

This turned  out to be the Huddersfield Christian Fellowship which was a whole new experience.   Instead of the 10 people Geoff had at St Peters, there were 500-600 people in a huge auditorium in their purpose built building called Cathedral House.

Note the anorak and umbrella....the weather has not improved!
For almost the first hour it was very upbeat music and singing......nothing traditional......and everyone was very welcoming.   It was great to see people from all walks of life and of all ages from babies to pensioners.....

On our walk back we passed the pick up point for the crew at lock 3...(we came through here last Monday)you can see it disappears right under the road, another fantastic feat of the restoration of this canal.  The building behind is Kirklees 6th Form College.
Later it was back to what seems to be the routine at the moment.......Geoff has football on the main TV and I am banished to the back cabin to watch whatever I want.....and it certainly isn't football.   No tennis today, but football seems to take precedence over everything!!....does it finish soon???

Tomorrow is moving on day.  We will have been here nearly a week which is longer than we have ever stayed.......and my feet are itchy to move on now.   Back to wide locks unfortunately.  We were last on the Huddersfield Broad 7 years ago and don't remember very much, but they are short locks, supposedly only up to 57ft 6 in......which is what we are.   All I ask is that there is sufficient depth of water, unlike the Huddersfield in places.

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