Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Onward in the stygian gloom

We may  have been snug down below yesterday whilst the rain poured down but unfortunately the gas ran out!!

Guess who had to change the bottle!
We did have thunder and torrential rain until it cleared up later.  Having seen the TV with places in the north being flooded we think we got off lightly.

Marple Aqueduct
The narrows just after the aqueduct

Looking back at the narrows from our mooring
Our mooring was like a little oasis, lovely view of sheep and trains

Today it was decreed there was no rush so a lie in was allowed!   Apart from two boats who went past just before we set off we only met one other boat during today's trip.

This is now virgin territory for me although not for Geoff.   In 2007 we came down the Rochdale and met Emma at the junction of Portland basin.  Geoff then single handed this stretch to the bottom of the Marple flight whilst Emma and I positioned her car at the top of the locks.  Unusually for Geoff he does not remember this bit of the canal at all.

Today we set off into stygian gloom
Approaching Hyde bank Tunnel
only just over 300yards long so even I can cope with that
Duck your head!
Thick trees along a lot of the way
The dense foliage along a lot of this route meant that after all the rain the towpath was an absolute quagmire in places.  Hence Barney and I did not start our day with our usual walk much to his disgust!  We did get off later when it looked better but it soon worsened, it was definitely a wellie walk!  Soon after Barney and I climbed back on Petroc, miraculously it became a wonderful path!

Nice high bridge for a change
Eventually reached bridge 1 on the Peak Forest...Geoff winding manfully behind the bushes

Moored just beyond the bridge...another little oasis....
I then went on a recce to the Boatyard just ahead to collect my rather good umbrella which Bisous had left there for me.......this means that we will have seen the last of the rain for a while.....

The end of the Peak Forest Canal

Average speed:1.94 mphTotal distance:5.74 miles 
Elapsed time:2h57m32s
Bridges:15  (1.94 lock/mph) 

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