Saturday, 28 June 2014

Hesitating in Huddersfield

We managed to find the last mooring place available when we arrived on Monday.   We had caught up with Bisous as they had gone away for a few days,
We can either have the bows in or the stern but not both!!
The plan was to stop here for a couple of days to recover from the long run down.......but we seem to be lingering a little longer than anticipated. We have decided on a stopping place to leave Petroc early August when we go south for nephew Marc's wedding so we are now not in a rush.   Since it is unlikely we shall be Huddersfield way again in the foreseeable future we thought we would take advantage.   The moorings belong to Aspley Marina and are free for 72 hours......quite a few of the boats moored look as though they have been here longer.   However there is just a small charge of £5 a day after that.

Various domestic chores have been attended to including a vet visit for Barney( ear infection) and the dentist for me ( part of tooth broken off)
We managed to have a catch up with Nick and Patricia on Bisous before they left on Thursday.

Patricia working hard to raise the bridge.....
.....whilst Nick casually meanders through as he takes his photographs.
Geoff (and Barney)walked all the way to Coopers Bridge with them helping them through the 9 locks.......he was gone for about 5 hours and looked shattered on his return.

he was recovered sufficiently on Friday to explore the town 
Pausing to see Harold Wilson
The original idea for Friday was to take the bus over the moors to Hebden Bridge but the weather turned unfavourable and stayed the same on Saturday so I was robbed of my little jaunt.

However Geoff braved the rain on Saturday to climb Castle Hill which he reported was a very steep climb.  Barney of course took it all in his stride.
A very prominent landmark over Huddersfield
Sadly (for Geoff) the pub is no longer there.
He had to be content with the fantastic view from the top, which would have been better if the weather had obliged.

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