Sunday, 8 June 2014

Weekend in Bugsworth Basin

The forecast rain for Saturday did not arrive until late morning, by which time Geoff had done a dry run walk to Chinley Church.  The church here does not have a morning service on the second Sunday, just our luck. he reported that the walk was within my capabilities......just a stroll for him.    It was in fact just under 2 miles but with church in the middle I was OK.
Bugsworth Basin is a fascinating place and a great place to moor.......see the link
Saturday evening after the rain had cleared through

The small church at Chinley
Interesting idea with the cross outside.
We had a warm welcome and would have stayed for coffee but we were expecting our friends Bill & Hilary to join us for lunch in the Navigation Inn.    They arrived soon after 12 and we had a lovely catch up session.

Early start tomorrow as we begin the leisurely journey to the Huddersfield narrow canal and the Standedge tunnel.  Our passage is booked for the 18th...or rather Geoff and Petroc's passage is booked for the 18th.  I have ascertained that there is a bus over the top to take Barnaby and I to the other end of the tunnel at Marsden.

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