Monday, 2 June 2014

Boseley Flight

We had planned on a relatively early start but not as
early as Meanders...they went past us at 0640.........we set off about 8.20 and since not another soul had stirred all the 12 locks were against us.  Still it was not raining and warm enough for shorts......well long shorts!

A certain member of the crew was still abed as we left 
and still abed as Geoff does the work
But now a figure appears
Maybe I'll join in.......
The casual approach
Now a bit of wellie is required....
Now an easier time for Geoff
Back on board after all his exertions at the locks Barnaby resumes his normal cruising position

A little way from home methinks....
This was our intended destination at Oakgrove for supper out tonight.......however we were forewarned by Bisous that it was all boarded up
Instead we carried on to the Gurnett Aqueduct where there was lots of space, although with the mooring rings positioned for 50 ft boats we really needed to put a pin in for one end.     After a lot of cursing from he who shall be nameless we gave up that idea and had to use the rings as they were.

We had been so lucky with the weather.......Geoff then walked into Macclesfield to suss out the moorings for us to drop Boe tomorrow for her train.  As expected they are not good, so we shall go late and do a quick drop off.

Later the rain came quite heavily.    The pub closest to the Aqueduct does not do food on a Monday so we set off to find Church House Inn in Sutton.....however when we reached  where Geoff, with his normally infallible memory, remembered it to be, we found that the pub was called the Lamb and no sign of life and a For Sale sign outside.........
I had previously phoned the Church Hall Inn and ascertained that food was OK on a Monday so we persevered with the aid of a local and eventually found it.   It was well worth the trek as we had an excellent meal.   Just pub grub, but nothing pretentious and well cooked.

Total distance:5.60 miles 
Elapsed time:4h53m49s (This included a stop at the top of the locks for us to use a very good shower)
Average speed:1.14 mph (3.59 lock/mph) 

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