Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Goodbye Boe

Geoff had ascertained that as we thought the moorings at Macclesfield are less than useless so we panned at late start so we could just drop Boe off in time for her 3pm train.

Moored by our own infinity pool
and a morning visitor
Barnaby and I decided we would walk into Macclesfield for our daily exercise.

Boe has a liking for travelling on the roof

Approaching Macclesfield
Some very pretty back gardens and a rather posh patio........
It gets a bit grottier after this!
In fact Macclesfiled canal area is not to be recommended....There are visitor moorings where there is space for one boat just before bridge.37.  (Boat on it)  ..and beyond the bridge there is a sign which says you are welcome to moor for 24 hours.....well 24 minutes would be too long!

We managed to pull close enough to the bank just before the bridge by a now disused water point, too shallow to moor for long term.   So Boe was hastily off loaded, Geoff took her to the bridge and pointed her into the direction of the station and picked Barnaby and him up as I went under the bridge.

Onward to Bollington to try our luck.   Through very quiet peaceful countryside but very tree lined and no suitable places to moor.    Certainly no nice open spaces which we like.

As we approached the aqueduct at Bollington we though we were out of luck but there was just one space and we just fitted in.   Phew.......otherwise we would have had to carry on and it was already 3.30 way past our stopping time and Geoff had missed his siesta......

Total distance:4.43 miles 
Elapsed time:2h5m42s 
Average speed:2.12 mph (2.12 lock/mph) 

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