Sunday, 15 June 2014

A rest Day at last!

Apart from the walk to church........
Uppermill has several churches in town but the one we wanted was over a mile away which after last week's walk was a doddle...or would have been if it had not been up a very steep hill all the way!  However the view of the surrounding countryside once up there was magnificent.

Leaving the town...they call it a village but it seems too big to be called that.
Getting closer
St Chad's Church and one of the two pubs stand in splendid isolation.

A large church, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, but a good sized congregation including a choir

All these pictures were taken on Geoff's recce yesterday when there was some sunshine

The Cross Keys pub just a little further up the road.  Barnaby waiting patiently whilst Geoff goes to get his beer!
Today it was overcast and drizzly and we forgot the camera!    We had an excellent lunch (too much) but at least the walk home was all down hill.

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