Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The Marple Flight

Yesterday was an early start from the basin at Bugsworth as rain was forecast for the afternoon.    We had a good run almost to Marple but the last half hour the rain came and we moored as we became wet.  However at least it is now much warmer than a couple of weeks ago.   We soon battened down the hatches...so to speak... and were warm a snug below by the time the thunder and torrential rain came.

Today we had an even earlier start as the forecast was the same......good in the morning but rain later.....and it was  short run down to the top of the Marple flight of 16 locks

Marple Junction
The road runs alongside the first four locks
All the locks are in a tranquil setting
Although the setting may be tranquil and pretty, the locks themselves are hard work.  The majority of the gates are heavy and the paddles stiff.   In addition on the first few locks the top gate won't open fully so one has to just squeeze in.....
But it was our lucky day.......after we had done the first 5 locks, two lock volunteers arrived and helped Geoff to the bottom, so what could have been a shattering morning was considerably eased for him and also he had someone to talk to at the locks.
Thank you guys
Goodbye Marple Locks
We managed to moor just after the aqueduct in some sunshine but decided to move after lunch as the sun was going to move and leave it a bit dank..........Geoff did a recce ahead and said it was more open just after the narrows (which was probably once a tunnel)...well it might have been more open but it was also very shallow and so we had a bit of difficulty.  Eventually managed to get in but we are moored directly underneath the electricity pylons....

Now the promised rain has arrived (3.45pm) but we are snug below....

Total distance:1.91 miles 
Elapsed time:3h40m47s 
Average speed:0.52 mph (4.87 lock/mph)

Total distance:0.17 miles 
Elapsed time:0h28m28s 
Average speed:0.37 mph (0.37 lock/mph)

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