Friday, 2 October 2015

...and the sunshine goes on......

Well the cleaning did get takes so little time compared with house cleaning......and we were all done long before Anne & Keith arrived.   They came bearing lovely goodies for lunch and some shopping I had requested.
We decided to walk back to the Folly Inn for a lunch time pint and to see if we fancied their menu for the evening.

1st October and still sitting outside
The pub has a magnificent show of flowers still
After lunch on board and a lazy afternoon I retired to the back cabin whilst everyone else watched the rugby!!  (As I write this there is yet another match on and I can hear Geoff encouraging the players)
After the game was over   WALES WON YIPPEE!!! we went back to the Folly where we had booked a table.   This time we went by car as we didn't fancy the 1/2 mile walk back along the towpath in the dark.   The food was excellent although I had trouble deciding what I could eat, or rather what my teeth could cope with.  On Wednesday evening I had broken off one of my middle top front teeth.   Not only is it difficult to eat but if I open my mouth I look like the bride of dracula!

The closest dentist is Banbury and we won't be there until next Thursday.  The appointment is booked for the Thursday morning.  I am hoping he (or she) will be able to cement it back on as I have thoughtfully kept the broken bit.   I am off to London to a reunion a week tomorrow and do not wish to appear in public like this.

Today we moved on a few miles and found another delightful mooring spot about 3 miles short of Fenny Compton.   Just 3 locks to the summit and then gentle meandering around some pretty tight bends in the wonderful Oxfordshire countryside, followed by yet another afternoon sitting idling in the sun.

A wonderful red sky tonight promising yet another good day???
Tomorrow we will wander into Fenny to be ready for our appointment with Lee Sanitation on Monday morning.    We are hoping that they will be able to mend our broken toilet.......
A lot of hoping going on at the moment!

Total distance:5.39 miles 
Elapsed time:2h42m50s 
Average speed:1.99 mph (3.09 lock/mph) 

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