Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Last run of the year on a beautiful autumn day

Starting down Hillmorton locks on such a lovely morning
It was quite a shame that we only had the short run to Clifton as, provided you were wrapped up well, it was a glorious morning.

St John the Baptist Church
Whilst we Geoff emptied rubbish and loo below the second lock,  I took a short walk to see this church which Geoff had found whilst out walking yesterday.   It is hidden away down the lane and was surprisingly much bigger than I thought it would be.   We have been passing here for 9 years now and only just discovered it.

Once we reached Clifton we  found they had left us a space on the wharf which was good.   Bisou were still there but left shortly afterwards.

Bye Bye folks...enjoy your winter in the sun!

Now begins the task of packing up to go home for the winter....my least favourite task of the year.

Later we had a call from Ian & Christine and they called in for tea, by which time we were glad of a welcome break from packing.    They also kindly called in at Maplins in Banbury to collect the mains power lead for my computer.  I only discovered it missing this morning.  I had abandoned it there when I went to purchase a 12V lead.  Tea stretched to supper in the pub!!!

Total distance:1.82 miles 
Elapsed time:2 hrs 

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