Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Long weekend in London

No narrow boats here on the Serpentine
No snow either so I guess this is the alternate sport
Or this one
This chap was watching over Trafalgar Square
A good time in London apart from the sad part of saying goodbye to Boe as she left for her new teaching post in Vietnam.
I went to my reunion where a lot of catching up with old friends took place and a lot of wondering where all the years had gone.
Geoff and Barney were not lonely in my absence as he had several visitors and he was picked up and taken away for a couple of days by Tony & Di.
So now back on Petroc, we have stocked up for the trip back to Clifton.  We will turn around tomorrow and wend our way not too quickly back up the Oxford.  I have returned with very sore feet, must be all those hard pavements in London!
The trip back will be all on 12volt power which seems very strange...no TV, Radio, and all the other luxuries of life....which of course we can exist quite well without.......well I don't know about my computer!!!!  However a trip to Maplins today and I now have a 12 volt charger.   Unfortunately, although we have 2 12volt outlets one of them appears to be not functioning so all our essential gadgets have to take it in turn...... luckily there is a launderette at Fenny Compton so that will be a necessary stop.

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