Monday, 19 October 2015

Onward to Hillmorton and out of the internet grey hole we hope

Up to the junction and goodbye to Braunston
The central moorings were quite full but there was space available.
Despite being 48 hours mostly there were none of the nasty £25 notices here that Banbury sports.
We find that strange as we would have thought this was as popular a place as Banbury
Just a hour to run this morning to moor at the top of Hillmorton Locks.   Bisou had moved on there on Sunday afternoon and reported a good internet signal so I was hopeful.   The last few days, whilst not being in a black spot it was definitely grey.   My phone would pick it up but my Mifi would not.  Hence not many pictures on my blog........I have sort of mastered the art of uploading a picture whilst on my ipad in blogger but it is not easy....and I have not worked out how to reduce the size of pictures on my ipad.  
Another crisp morning, chillier than the past two mornings but still no rain.......thankfully.   It was cold enough that we took turns on the tiller.

When we reached here Bisou were still here but they left soon afterwards to get back to Clifton to have their revamped side doors fitted.  

Wonder of wonders they were quite correct....a good internet signal catch up time

Total distance:6.34 miles 
Elapsed time:2h25m52s 
Average speed:2.61 mph (2.61 lock/mph) 


Adam said...

Blogger on the iPad is awful -- I've given up with using their app, and splashed out £2.99 (I think) on the Blogsy app, which is fantastic. It makes adding photos and links very easy. During our September trip I used it every day, meaning I never had to get the laptop out. There's a bit of setting up to do to make it right for your particular blog, but once that's done it's very easy. I also downloaded an app to resize photos. There are several, and I tried a few before finding one that actually worked. It's called ImageResizer, it's free, and it has a logo which looks like a couple of mountains and a moon in a box, with arrows coming out of each size.

Gillian Lovegrove said...

Thanks for that Adam
We are presently packing the boat up to go home for the winter, but will have a look at your suggestions before we set off again next April