Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Not a good day on Petroc

well I shouldn't have crowed about getting the toilet fixed.......

Last night we discovered a leak at the base so had to call Leesanitation again.   They were very good and Kevin hot footed it down to Banbury and we hope has remedied the situation.

The bigger problem is that our Inverter seems to be non functioning.   Well the nice little blue light won't come on and instead we get a red one saying battery low.    Following behind us was Peter on a boat whose name I cannot remember, but when I was talking to him at Cropredy water point and mentioned the problem he volunteered to have a look at it when we reached Banbury.  Turns out he was an engineer who had his little testing machine on board.

He spent nearly an hour looking for the problem but to no avail.  He pronounced our batteries good, and he tested various things but somehow the wiggly amps or volts or whatever are not making it through the inverter.  So have been down to Tooleys boatyard for help and Matt from there is coming to have a look but cannot come until Saturday.   It would happen the weekend I am away in London.
Anyway Geoff has all the essentials off 12 volts but none of the TV....we always said we should never have had a TV on the boat......he had recorded various programmes which he was looking forward to watching in my absence.......

My main problem is my computer, once the battery has gone that's it.
I am being optimistic and hoping that when Matt puts his diagnostic tool on to it that we will find is is a simple problem or at least one that is fixable and does not require a new inverter........Geoff is being more pessimistic!!!

As we rounded the last bend before Banbury we heard a great shouting from the towpath.   It turned out to be Sue & Charlie Winning from Cornwall.  About 5 years ago they came to a presentation Geoff did on the canals and then read an article I wrote for our Parish News about Geoffs trip through the Standedge Tunnel with John & Fi on Epiphany and eventually bought their own boat Breakaway.
Good to catch up and hope we see them again.

I went down to visit them later on...they are moored just a little further restrictions there but we needed to be further in for Kevin from Leesanitation .  Geoff has got to move even further up on Sat morning to get as close a possible to Tooleys.

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