Wednesday, 14 October 2015

About Turn

Not straight away as we had to go through Banbury lock to use the sani station and then about a mile to the first turning point.
All the the mooring above the lock and some below has this mooring restriction now.
It is a very popular place as Banbury has embraced its canal and made it a pleasure to be there....however whilst I would not object to paying maybe £5 a night for the extra days I do think £25 is taking the mickey!

That said.when we moored up we happened to see the CRT man with his machine clocking the boats and explained that I had to go to London for a couple of days.  He was very accommodating and marked it down and we had no trouble with overstaying.   Whilst there are still a lot of boats around there was space left every night so don't think we were depriving anyone.

On our way back north now.  Rising in Banbury Lock
Two boats waiting to journey south as we emerge into the centre of the shopping area
Through the pedestrian bridge
and down the line of moored boats very slowly
What a shame Sovereign wharf is not open more often
Fridays 9-5 cannot give them much trade
Geoff is all for pressing on now as he wonders what is going to fail next on Petroc.   We are managing to charge everything in turn on a single 12V outlet.   Our second outlet appears to be non functioning at the moment.
However after 5 hours and 12 locks I was extremely tired and my feet sore again so much to the skippers displeasure I requested to moor in a nice sunny spot in the middle of the Claydon locks!!
Heigh Ho

As I write this at 8.15pm it is pitch black outside and a boat has just gone past do they see where they are going....and as for doing locks in the dark.....

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