Saturday, 17 October 2015

Dodgy wifi

Wifi is not brilliant around the Napton area.   I had it for a while yesterday and then it disappeared.
We set off early Friday from Fenny on a crisp if dull autumn morning.   No one else around until Geoff, who had been walking with Barney wanted to climb back aboard and whilst I was picking him up a boat appeared behind and we had to let him through.......first sense of humour failure for the skipper!  Shortly afterwards a hire boat pulled out in front of us and proceeded at snails thrown out of cot and tiller handed over to me.....,

So it was a slow run down all the locks to Napton, nevertheless I enjoyed it!  We were lucky to find a space on the moorings just above bottom lock at Napton so skippers sense of humour restored somewhat.   My first task was to light the stove that we have started to light it, it is so cosy below.

I want to upload a picture here but the wifi is not good enough.  I am connected via my phone hot spot to iPad but cannot get blogger to upload photo from iPad.....doh!!!!!!!  My computer refuses to connect via phone hot spot.....prima donna. !

Today another early start but only one lock to do......we hardly saw a boat all morning.  However we did pass Bisous and they have now also reached Braunston and are coming for supper tonight.
Yet another crisp autumn day but no sun.  It is not nearly as cold as the previous day's however but have still lit the stove.......Geoff says I have fallen in love with it...he could be right.

We have moored just short of the turn and Bisous tried to get in behind us where there seemed to be plenty of room , however there was a large rock or something just where their stern needed to be so they have gone round the corner.

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