Wednesday, 30 September 2015

yet another lovely beginning to the day

Weather still holding.   We were off at 8 as there is no point in waiting for lock companions anymore as we are back to our preferred single locks.

Barney and I set off to walk to the water point at the bottom of the locks, no one else seemed to be stirring.   Watering took a while and whilst we were there someone else had woken up and gone ahead of us into the locks.

Such a lovely morning to sit and ponder
Not a big problem as it was such a nice day we were happy to take things very slowly.   Once started up we met several boats coming down so that also made it easier.
There were volunteer lock keepers at the first lock but I cannot say I found them over friendly, they spent their time talking to each other and I had to say Good Morning 3 times before one of them deigned to give a cursory reply.
Napton Bottom Lock
We went up the first 6 locks and then moored in our intended spot just before lock 14.   By now the wind was getting up although still plenty of sunshine.   The plan was to stay over here a day as we are overdue to have a good clean out inside the boat and cratch.   We were going to to do it today but the urge had left us by the time we moored!

We have seen more boats pass us today and yesterday than we have seen all summer.  There has been a steady stream in both directions and as I write this at 5pm they are still on the move.    We wonder if the ones heading south are aiming for Banbury as there is a Canal Day there this coming weekend.  Hope they are all gone by Wednesday as we want to find a mooring there.
For the first time this year we have also had some boats who seem to be in such a rush and cannot be bothered to slow down as they pass.   Is it something to do with the Oxford Canal??

We have had a phone call from our friends Anne & Keith and they are coming on a day visit tomorrow.   I walked up to Holt Farm this afternoon and spoke to the very friendly lady there who gave the OK for them to park the car there.   This is the buffalo farm that used to do Cream Teas at the weekend but do so no longer.  Anyway a visit will concentrate the mind in the morning to get the cleaning done!!

Total distance:0.84 miles 
Elapsed time:1h15m38s 
Average speed:0.66 mph (3.84 lock/mph) 

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