Sunday, 4 October 2015

Weekend in Fenny Compton

A gentle weekend with not a lot to report.  Saturday was dull, the sun never quite got to grips with the day but Sunday was better so a certain amount of sitting out was achieved.
We had managed to get on the 14 day moorings as we planned to stay 3 nights.   This is in the fond hope that Leesan will be able to mend out toilet tomorrow.   We arrived late morning so there were a few spaces but they quickly filled up.   Still a lot of boats on the move, something we have not seen the rest of the summer.
No Sunday lunch out today as the Wharf Inn was fully booked and we couldn't be bothered to walk into the village and suss out the other one.
This afternoon we had a very brief moment of entertainment.   I thought we were being dive bombed as the noise was so loud.  I rushed to the back to see what it was and it was a Vulcan aircraft flying very low.  Geoff thinks it must have been on virtually its last flight ever.  It was gone far too quickly for a photograph.

The forecast tells us there is to be a break in this good weather, we shall see....

So fingers crossed for tomorrow and the toilet.

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