Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Autumn colours beginning to show

Autumn making itself felt in the trees
The forecasters were correct.  We set off at 8 and managed to do 5 locks before the rain came......and then it was out with the brolly.   Barney and I did not have our usual morning walk as the towpath is not the best round here and with all the rain last night I didn't fancy it.......very boot faced dog though!!

Despite setting off so early we had two boats ahead of us so quite a slow morning.  Still we were lucky as there were at least 4 behind us.   We haven't seen the canals so busy all summer.

Geoff had a desire to carry on past Cropredy but luckily the rain persuaded him otherwise.   We reached there about midday so there were 2 or 3 spaces to choose from.  By the time we moored the rain was heavy and we were glad to be inside.   A steady stream of boats has gone past us this afternoon.

Total distance:5.65 miles 
Elapsed time:3h52m50s 
Average speed:1.46 mph (3.52 lock/mph)

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