Sunday, 18 October 2015

Weekend just outside Braunston

Good supper aboard Petroc last night with Nick & Patricia......much chat!!!! They luckily brought a large powerful torch with them as they had to go home along a very dark towpath....

We passed this sight yesterday
Was it craned in......or did they dig out and refill?????
Today we went to Braunston church in the morning followed by lunch with Patricia and Nick at the Boathouse.   

The lunch was very acceptable and reasonably priced....providing you are an even number dining!!!!! They have this deal of 2 for 1 on main courses.  However their Roast lunch is £13.50 or £15 to include a pudding.   At two for 1 that is reasonable but if you are on your own £13.50 for what was provided was not good value.   The meat portion was small (1 piece of beef) and 2 small roast be fair when I asked for more roast potatoes they did bring us a dish of them.  
Notwithstanding it was a good lunchtime......

Geoff did the walking around Braunston with Barney as I am still suffering with sore toes!!!!
Back to Petroc for a cosy afternoon with the fire on........I could get used to these afternoons, such a pity we are on our way home.


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