Thursday, 8 October 2015

Dead inverter

Today brought a surprise visit from Phil & Imelda.  They arrived not long before my departure for London so I was able to have a short catch up but Geoff had a better one as they all went out to Lunch.  Phil also had an good look at the inverter problem as he had all his testing gear with him......and also pronounced it probably dead...or at least very sick and not fixable.   So we cancelled the proposed visit of Matt from Tooleys boatyard which was scheduled for Saturday as we thought he would only say the same thing.
We will now live on 12volt until we get back to Clifton when it will have to come out and go back to Holland for testing and probable pronouncement that we need a new one.............expensive!!!!!!
Everything essential can be run on 12 V but we are glad it is almost the end of our cruising for the year and not the thankful for small mercies......

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