Thursday, 15 October 2015

Back at Fenny Compton

We planned to depart about 9am to put ourselves at Fenny about coffee time in the hopes there would be plenty of space by then.   We were moored just above Clayton Middle lock and just two more locks to climb.   5 minutes before 9 we donned plenty of warm clothes and proceeded with our departure routine.......needless to say we saw a boat just entering the middle lock!!!  It was sorely tempting to buck our ideas up as we could easily have been away before he emerged from the lock......BUT I knew how miffed we would have felt if someone had done that to us.  So we did the decent thing and waited and let them go past.......but a thank you would have been nice....

Objective was achieved as we arrived at Fenny to find our pick of mooring places.  I have often thought how good it is that they have a launderette here at the Wharf Inn but have never availed myself of its capabilities...until now.   With no 240 Volt power the washing machine is one of the losses.   It was my first port of call after arrival.   I cannot say it is cheap at £6.00 for a wash and £3.00 to dry but it was very useful today.

My second task was to light the first fire of the year.   It was a dank cold day with no sunshine so it seemed the time was ripe.   I had forgotten how cosy it makes the boat.   The only problem is that when cooking it becomes too hot!!!   Windows have to be opened!

Strange to see smoke coming out of our chimney.
All summer Geoff has used it as a base for our TV aerial!
It is a good job we cannot use the TV as there might have been competition for the use of the chimney.

Total distance:3.45 miles 
Elapsed time:2h1m20s 
Average speed:1.71 mph (2.70 lock/mph) 

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