Saturday, 15 May 2010

Weekending in Newark

Quite a pleasant town.  Whilst Geoff caught the bus back to Nottingham to return the new satellite kit, I had a meander around the town.  However I first took Barnaby for a walk and managed to lose the boat keys!!
They must have fallen out of my pocket whilst walking or ball throwing.   I then spent nearly an hour trying to find them and could not understand why they were not visible as they are on a big cork key fob.   Eventually when I was just about at my wits end (I knew Geoff had not taken the spare set!) a lady came up to me and asked if I was looking for some keys.........Oh Salvation........ she had found them whilst walking her dog and recognised them as boat keys and was going to hand them into the marina just ahead of our mooring.  The feeling of relief was indescribable.....I am not sure what was worrying me the most, the fact of not being able to get onto the boat or Geoff's wrath!!
The picture below shows the view from just a little way along from our mooring.  We have not seen a lot of boat traffic but here are are 3 gin palaces obviously out for their weekend jaunt.

The day started much warmer than of late....does it herald summer I wonder. 


Anonymous said...

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keith said...

Hi Gill,

Good to see your negotiation skills are undiminished (diesel purchase) and your luck held out on the keys. Perhaps you should leave spare sets at various geocache locations for future emergencies! We are chilling out on Mission beach for the next week before departing northward to Carmel to meet Athena's parents. Mrs H already has a good tan from the sun lounger and is half way through her second book already.
Good luck with your onward journey.

Keith XX