Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Much warmer start to the day and another early start.  Our day for horses

Bit of supervision for Geoff

The River Soar has joined the canal now

Good job Geoff has a good balance!

12 locks is a bit much for a fellow!

As we approached Leicester the rural scene disappeared and tonight we are in a truly urban setting.   We are moored at Castle Park moorings which are very safe (I hope) as one needs a BW key to get off the pontoon.  Once off we are in a small but pretty park, so at least it is somewhere for Barney

Pontoon moorings on the right

We were last here 5/6 years ago on Tickey and we don't remember the pedestrian bridge just ahead of us so assume it is new.

Geoff did his town sightseeing after lunch.  He has this inexplicable(to me) liking for walking all over towns...I am happy to stay on the boat.

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