Sunday, 23 May 2010

Sunday in Barnby Dun

Night view from our mooring
Morning view from our mooring

It may give the impression of being in an industrial area but in fact it is a very pleasant mooring.  This particular power station is not in operation so no white smoke billowing out.

Pretty church in the village which we visited for 10.15 Communion.  As we walked in the door we were amazed to hear quite a hubub and a good sized congregation.

Strangely, although we were made to feel welcome by one or two people who came up after the service as we were looking around the church, a lady who came and sat right next to us did not say a word apart from when we shared the peace.   I find that so strange.    I had the feeling that apart from the one or two they were a very active and closely knit congregation who did not need outsiders....maybe that was just me being sensitive.   The two who did chat were certainly very pleasant.

For the majority of the time the mooring was quiet, interspersed with a great rush of was Sunday.

We also had an interesting object sail past........

We had been expecting a visit from sister-in-law Edith, but sadly she was unwell so couldn't make the trip.   As it was so hot we left our eating until the evening and visited The Olive Tree(previously the Gateway according to Nicholsons, I shall send them an amendment)  and we had an excellent meal.
Good TV reception here from the Terrestial aerial.  However we cannot understand why on our main TV we are only picking up analogue, but on my computer I had all digital channels with a good picture.    The only explanation is that it is closer to the aerial and the main TV has a longer cable run, but why that should make any difference we do not know.

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Love the top picture, Gill. "Fireworks"?