Sunday, 9 May 2010


Back online again after major disasters with was suggested to me by one of my friends that I should not be so dependent on my computer but I was bereft!! Due to various problems I had to go back to the factory settings of my computer thereby losing all my programs....and it takes anage to load and update everything again.......I'm still going.

Meanwhile life on the boat goes on   On Election Day we went from Leicester to Barrow-on-Soar on a rather overcast and dull day.  9 locks 12 miles and over 5 hours...big trip!

The forecast for Sat was not good so on Friday we went to Kegworth which was our intended weekend stop.  We stopped to do rubbish and loo at Bishop Mewadow Lock just after Loughborough and as you can see I (with Barneys help) act in a supervisory role on these occasions (not always) 

En route we turned into the small basin at Loughborough which is very handy for shopping...either Tesco or Sainsburys.  Another 5+hr day but only 10 miles and 5 locks this time.

The river Soar has been hopping in and out on these journeys but we are on the Soar navigation now.  Between Loughborough and Kegworth we passed these emergency flood moorings which we didn't fancy the look of
A bit further on we passed Normanton-on-Soar with a very pretty church and if you look closely you can see the ladder going all the way up the steeple....there is one on the other side as well.

Just before reaching Kegworth Deep Lock we saw a houseboat that looked as though Anglian Windows had been called in.......


We moored in a secluded spot just above the lock and settled in for the weekend.    Geoff did his normal recce to the village and found out that church was 10.30 and the pub did not look up to much so we decided to eat aboard on Sunday.   I think if we had looked further there was  a recommended pub down one of the side streets but we decided to give it a miss.   In the event we had a phone called from Emma enquiring about our position.  She had patients to see in Milton Keynes Sun and Mon morning and it was as close to drive to us as to drive back to London so we have company....again....

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