Friday, 21 May 2010


This was our evening view last night.  There were no problems staying at the very end of the lock moorings.  It was pleasantly quiet with just dog walkers passing by and we were then entertained by the sea cadets out training in a couple of boats.
A gentle start today, we turned and went back to the facilities and whilst Geoff watered etc I went into the town for a few provisions. 

We then went through the only lock of the day which has a swing bridge immediately after it so this has to be opened before you can exit the lock.

Stopped at Stanisland Marina and purchased a plastic folding boarding ladder.......shutting the stable door etc springs to mind.........however it is ready for the next one of us that falls in.

The destination was the New Inn at Stainforth which had been recommended by two people so decided to give it a try.   We tried to moor just short of the pub on a lovely grassy bank but it was too shallow and we took a while to extricate ourselves.......Geoff wielding the long pole........we had to give in and use the pub moorings, not something we generally like doing as it is a bit too public.   However that is the advantage of having venetian blinds!

The shadow is Petroc!

Hope the food is worth it!

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