Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Lingering in Sprotbrough

Domesticish day for me (well just over an hour really!) whilst Geoff went for one of his long walks with Barnaby.  Prior to those exertions however we watched Jenny & Andrew on MV Reiger leaving to tow a small narrowboat with engine problems back to Doncaster.  I asked them where the name for their boat originated from and was told it was what a heron was called in Dutch. Their previous boat was a narrowboat called NB Harnser and that apparently is what a heron is called in Norfolk.  A not infrequent commentator on this blog is also on a narrowboat called Harnser so he may take me to task over that!!!

Even earlier we had watched someone slightly larger than us go past.   This was our first taste of bigger vessels and was very benign as he slowed right down as the lock was ahead of him.  We await being slightly further north when we expect to meet them on the move and in more of a hurry.............

The mooring here is quite secluded and ideal for Barnaby, (we have to get our priorities right when considering the suitability of a mooring place!!)

Looking back at Sprotbrough Lock

The area was previously a big mining area and the waterway we are on is called the Sheffield and South Yorkshire Navigation and is partly just canal and partly the River Don.   It runs through some industrialised towns but also through lovely countryside some of which Geoff discovered on his walk this morning.

                      Sprotbrough Flash

Summer must be definitely over.....the rain came back this afternoon!

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